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        EN / 简体中文

        ABOUT US

        Company Profile

        CYG Electric Co., Ltd. (call CYG Electric for short) is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to CYG Group (stock code:600525),CYG Electric engages itself in the development,production and sales of power cable accessories,ring main unit,junction box,power grid automation equipment and other production.

        CYG Electric is located in science and technology innovation coast of Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone,has an area of 30 thousand square meters of office and production building.CYG Electric has strong technical force.Rely on state-level enterprise technology R&D Centre and high-class experts of cable accessories and electric equipment production .There equip international class 500Kv high voltage testing hall.

        CYG Electric introduce the best advanced injection equipment,laser numberial control machines,vacuum helium leak detection,auto-jointing, 3000kV/300kJ impulse voltage test system,Switzerl and Haefely Group 800kV power frequency resonance test device and other production and inspection equipments.Through continuous innovation and improvement,the products of the company got the trust of customers.Olympic venues in Beijing,the Qinghai-Tibet Railway,the Hangzhou Bay Bridge,Guangzhou Metro and other national key projects were the exclusive use of CYG Electric.We have a number of products have been included in the national key new products and state-level Torch Program projects, they were named provincial key new products and technological progress awards.

        CYG Electric strictly keep product quality of “it is mainly to prevent,doing

        good work at first time, continously correct, providing products of safe,reliable,convenience and satisfactory service to client.”To make sure that products have good quality, we strictly test and inspect every work procedure from stock material,process of production and products test leave factory.We implement “5S management on the locale of manufacture”and unceasingly reform deepens “6 Sigma” to raise the rate of the final products, shorten the time of delivery and improve satifaction degree of customers.


          CYG Electric will inherit enterprise spirit of “Sincerity, tolerance, passion and respect”and the principle of “become the best supplier of radiate material and power grid equipment”. Adhering to innovation,insist on technology and managerial innovations, to better serve the construction and transformation of the national power transmission. Let’s make it safer!

        Address:Jingfeng North Road 89, Science and Technology Innovation coast, Zhuhai City, P.R China
        Sales Hotline:0756-3630222  Service Hotline::400-822-3688

        版权所有(C)CYG ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 粤ICP备13082942号粤公网安备 44049102496785号  Technical support: http://zhkaman.com/

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